May 29th, 2008

Thoughts on Hungerford...

EDIT 27/02/10: Recently, a fellow from the forums the quotes in this aricle came from pointed out in the comments that parts of the quoted person's other statements turned out to be shite. This does kind of make the claims in the post seem dubious. Sorry to let the readers down.

As with my other mistakes, I'm keeping this one up with this disclaimer, and a request that if anyone else knows anything about this, could they clarify things in the comments?

We now return you to your scheduled program:

Since beginning this blog, I've posted a few times about the handgun ban over here, as well as the misinformation that the Gun Control Network has pushed while stifling actual debate and legitimate criticism.

I've posted about various gun enthusiasts in America, as well as various anti-common sense groups such as the Brady Campaign and the Joyce Foundation. I have also mentioned a few times, the people on one of my favourite reading spots, Democratic Underground, who have verbally abused the few true progressives in the "Gungeon".

However, I've neglected an important part of the history of British gun laws, the Hungerford Massacre. To be honest, I didn't know much about this tragedy, having been born less than a year before it. I didn't know about the madman who gunned down several people. I didn't know about the backlash against innocent gun owners.

However, a person on one of the forums I watch knew him, and compared the hatred towards Airsoft to the anger misdirected at the semi-auto rifle owners then. What he says does seem a little different from the "official" story on Wikipedia:

On the subject of Ryan..that's a little close to home.I was with him at the Wiltshire Shooting Centre in Devizes when he brought the AK in,he'd just bought it from Westbury guns in Westbury and got his 300 rounds of steel cased steel core commie block ammo from Dave & Andy at WSC.He didn't have any ammo for the M1 carbine as WSC had none in stock.Ironically enough he couldn't get the magazine into the AK (the tilt and turn method) and got quite arsey when we all took the ###### about it.Of all the shooters there he was always the one who bitched when we used to shoot at coke cans and fag packets on the 100 yard indoor rifle range "They aren't approved targets" etc etc and not once in the 2 years I shot at the same club did he EVER rurn up in combats ...

Had all the facts come out about the hungerford incident the new gun laws probably would never have gone through ,instead there would have been some red faces and sideways promotions in the local constabulary.

Just a few interesting facts that youmay wish to look at when people wonder why I'm cynical...

He had NO armour piercing ammo,he simply had M39 steel cored commie block stuff.Steel cores are used to promote tumblin and for reasons of cost.(this I know to be true as I still have some of the empties from that day at the club that I personally fired through his rifle)

The counter signature on his Firearms application was provided by the police officer who lived next door.

He had previously had his shotgun ticket revoked for "reasons of public safety" but it was returned after his mother made a complaint.

He was shot through the right upper jaw hinge just below the temple leaving no signs of powder burns from a gun publicly stated that was taped to his left hand.(Ryan was a lefty)

Again publicly stated he removed the magazine keeping one round in the chamber that he shot himself with(His 92F varient had been modified for target use and had a disconector sear that prevented it firing without the magazine in place)(I used that very pistol at the club 4 days before he used it in hungerford)

The impinge glass from the fatal shot to his head was on the INSIDE of the window on the floor.(If you want to see what I'm getting at fire a shot at a sheet of glass!)

There are a number of others things that don't add up about the entire incident but here isn't the place as I don't want to go off on what may appear to be an anti establishment rant.
There does need to be gun laws to protect the public and society from the most dangerous people IN society however never in legal history has penalising the honest ever had an effect on the criminal other than to make the honest easier targets.

Okay, before anyone posts to criticise, I'm not making any sort of conspiracy claim, there's enough of that kind of shit around already, what with the "Bush caused 9/11" people.

What I am interested in is honest discussion about the shootings, or at least starting a discussion on it. Probably nobody will even read this, but I'd like to think I tried.
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