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Yep, still here. Revising for an exam, but I thought I'd actually write some things I mentioned I'd do a few posts ago. Uni and sleep kept me busy (got into the course, yay), so I'm sorry if anyone still reading this thought I'd died.

Anyways, politics. A combination of poly, meaning many, and ticks, which are bloodsucking insects. If you look at the current political bullshit, it's easy to see how apt the word is.

A while ago, I stumbled onto a number of blogs for the Libertarian Party UK, about the only party around that supports restoring freedoms that other political parties have happily removed from the country. They're also about the only party that supports sensible gun laws, but the whole freedom and civil liberties thing appealed to me.

So, first two links are the LPUK homepage and their blog, which some members post copies of their own blog articles relating to their views:

Next is Devil's Kitchen, one of the two Libertarian blogs I read from time to time. DK posts to his own blog and LPUK, so there might be a few repeats. DK is more than a little passionate about politics, as is evident by his swearing.

The other blog is Old Holborn's blog. To be honest, I love his views on improving the political scene in our country (usually involving lampposts and rope), but he does have a number of good discussions on the go usually.

Last, this isn't a Libertarian blog, but a Labour one, with discussions started by the members of the Labour party. I mainly read this to see what they're saying. They value input from anyone, but tend to belittle any of the other parties who come in to speak.

Anyway, that's the political blogs I read, next up is the gun blogs.

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