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The McFate of gun control

Hey. Long time no see. I did say I'd post something, about three months back on this, but had a few problems. I'll post something about that after the two I promised. First off, here's the first one I promised:

In July, a website called Mother Jones posted An article, exposing a "spy" inside the anti-gun movement.

Mary McFate, a member of anti-gun groups, was in fact Mary Lou Sapone, a "research consultant" who once worked for the NRA.

Yep, there was a shitstorm that day. The robes and flaming crosses came out for the NRA. There's been statements to the effect that Sapone was the "face of the NRA", a face of deception and underhanded moves.

Now, this has been done to death by people who are closer to this than I am, and by people who know more about this than I am. I'd just like to focus on two things.

First off, one of the statements by Bryan Miller, head of one of the Ceasefire groups. Talking about the whole thing, he claimed that "In the battle of ideas with the gun lobby, we're at a constant disadvantage because we're honest".


My last post mentioned one of his more emotional outbursts. In addition, there's his treatment of gun owners in general:

A few months back, a lady called Meleanie Hain had her CCW permit unfairly revoked for open-carry at a football game. She was on a show, debating with Miller. I'll let her words for their first meeting tell the tale:

"When Bryan Miller walked into the green room I was in there with one of the staff members who introduced us. The first thing out of Bryan's mouth was "did you bring your gun?" and I said "yes of course". He said "what a jerk!" I said "why thank you Bryan for bringing your true colors to share with us today." Steve (staff member) says "what? what did you say to her?" and he says "I called her a jerk! She's a jerk!" and Steve said "there's no reason for that. it's her right" and Bryan cuts him off and starts YELLING "what right? she has no right! There is NO SUCH RIGHT!""

It's kind of a shame he didn't go off that way during the show. Would have been nice for people to see what kind of bigot he really is.

Oh, I forgot, This link to the video should work. Sorry if it doesn't, I'll look for another.

During this "debate", a woman was introduced who had defended herself from a violent assault by use of, yep, a gun. Miller, being the "honest" person he is, congratulated her and offered his symapthies.

Whoops, sorry. He actually stuck up for the attacker and hurled insults at her. He rejected any right she had to defend her self, but fully supported her right to "scream for help".

Wow. What a guy.

I'll say this about Bryan Miller. I find it disgusting that he can in one place, claim to be honest, and in another, all but support an individual who was stopped from attacking and possibly raping a woman in a bathroom, simply because he was stopped by a gun. That's not honesty, that's bigotry, no two ways about it. "because we're honest?" Gun control advocacy is a position that requires someone to be totally dishonest. I should know, having agreed with such an organization in the past.

The second thing I'd like to mention is the amount of flak the NRA got for this. In the months following the uncovering of McFate, most of the people who oppose the NRA talked about how McFate was the "face of the NRA".

The thing is, I've never seen this kind of thing before, and I've looked. The NRA has never done something like this, and that's why it was such big news.

The anti gun groups lie on a regular basis, and yet their statements are published in media as fact, often without no opportunity to refute them. Their demands for Assault Weapons Bans and .50 weapon bans are steeped in lies, demanded for no legitimate reason, and yet they are still considered credible.

So, I ask you, which is worse? The NRA, who seems to have taken a first step into the evil side of politics, or anti-gun people like Bryan Miller, who started there?

Update 27/02/10: Sadly, Meleanie Hain was murdered last year, shot by someone close to her. Bryan Miller gave his sympathy to her family.

Bugger. Sorry, confused him with someone capable of human feelings besides hate.

When the news broke, he gave a statement to the news saying (paraphrased) "See? I was right! I may have no evidence, but I can claim I'm right without her proving me wrong!"

And this man claims to have the moral high ground? SHITE!!!


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