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During the forum discussion that I used for help with my last article, somebody posted part of a discussion that he found, in which somebody described the ordeal of Michael Yardley, the man assaulted by GCN members for his common-sense views on guns. I've copy-and-pasted it, so any mistakes are actually from the original post.

I'll tell you what I think at the end, for the moment though, enjoy:

Micheal Yardley was attacked by an anti-gun mob consisting of members of Mothers against Guns and members of the infamous Gun Control Network. I don't have the relevant copy of Gun Mart magazine anymore-I threw it away ages ago-, in which he gave a detailed account of his ordeal, but I will tell you how he became involved with a confrontation, with the antis below. This incident occurred I think between 1999 and 2003, because the GCN years ago was in its infant stages of development.

Mike was contacted by a member of Mothers against Guns, whose son was killed by gangsters armed with Ingram M-10 or M11 submachine-guns and possibly pistols as well. She wanted him to travel to this anti-gun conference in Nottingham, to talk some sense into members of the public-who would be attending this conference- on the basis he was an ex-British Army officer and Bonefide firearm and shotgun shooter;shooting journalist.

Micheal was astounded that a member of an anti-gun group had contacted him specifically and asked him to give a lecture to those people attending-and so he agreed and left his home and travelled towards Nottingham- not knowing what would happen.

When he got there he was greeted by this woman and the two of them joined an anti-gun march, protesting against illegal weapons held in the hands of criminals.In the hall Yardley went onto the stage and stated that the handgun ban was a farce and further controls on firearms were unneccesary,etc.Unfortunately for him Gillian Marshall-Andrews-the chairwoman for the Gun Control Network-shouted to the proles in the crowd: "He's a gunman, he's a gunman" and soon Yardley found himself hanging onto the chair ug his heels in on the stage-floor, to prevent an angry mob-led by a heavy-set muscular man- from dragging him off stage and throwing him out of the hall.

In the midst of this moronic-nonsense, Yardley shouted at the top of his voice: I am an invited speaker, I am legally allowed to be here because I was invited here to speak".Some of the proles in the crowd said to Marshall-Andrews: "let him speak, let him speak", but the arrogant; ignorant bitch still with her fanatics screamed: "he's a gunman, he's a gunman, he has no right to be here, we didn't invite him here".soon the cops turned up and escorted Yardley and the Conservative MPs away from the hall, but this did not stop the antis hitting and shoving him with their anti-gun placards.

The Conservative MPs were outraged and left in disgust with Micheal and Micheal wrote letters of complaint to Nottingham County Council and Nottingham Police, to show his contempt for the way that he was treated by the antis and for their incompetance in dealing with fanatical individuals from the GCN. Mike apologised to the woman who invited him and left Nottingham, to travel home.

What happened there was horrific, but is reveals much about the Gun Contol Network chairwoman, Gill Marshall-Andrews.

Yardley was welcomed by the person who invited him, but when he actually started to speak, Marshall-Andrews decided that his common-sense suggestions were a threat to the GCN, and started to incite the crowd, calling him a "gunman" for no good reason. That smacks of inciting terror to me. There's a word for that, when you incite terror for political gain, but I can't remember what it is....

According to her, it didn't matter that he was invited, he "has no right to be here" because the GCN members didn't invite him. He was invited one of the people who arranged the conference. And even if he had no right to be there, she certainly had no right whatsoever to assault him.

The Gun Control Network in this country has lied about innocent gun owners, assaulted them, and compared them to a paedophile, all since their group was shit into existence.

They even have an unjustifiable political influence. The chairwoman of their vile little hate group is married to Bob Marshall-Andrews, a Member of Parliament, who brings up the latest lie from his wife's group whenever gun crime is discussed in our Government.

Their group needs to be stopped, and their unreasonable restgrictions removed from the laws of this once-fine country.

Figuratively and literally, "For Good".


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